What is it about Christmas that makes one long for cozy fireplaces, tradition and red plaid pajamas? Even if you never were, never will and never wanted to be a Maine lumberjack? The thought of sawing logs in the north woods in this freezing weather? Heaven forbid. A bundle of warmth is what we all need right about now.

L.L.Bean is the place where we head when we want to sleep in all toasty on chilly evenings and frosty mornings. They have the whole package.

Let’s start with the Wicked Good Slippers. There never was an imitator who could match these slippers for giving us the supreme luxury of slipping toes into shearling-lined moccasins on Christmas morning. You don’t have to tiptoe barefoot across the icy hardwood floor to get the Christmas tree. Bliss!

And the robe you wrap around your shivering shoulders when you venture out from under the goose down coverlet. Could it be anything other than the guys’ Scotch Plaid Flannel robe? I don’t think so.

L.L.Bean does give us our very own Tartan Flannel Sleepwear pajama set and nightgown. But I prefer the guys’ Scotch Plaid Flannel sleep pants and an old ragged tee shirt.  You may prefer to go solo with his oversized top because the look is so cute. That kind of defeats the warmth goal, but you will look irresistible. It’s the winter equivalent of wearing his big white shirt and nothing else.

So let him give you the femme version or you give him the men’s and then borrow the PJs and robe back.  However you want to work it out.

One of the things that’s most appealing about the Scotch Plaid Flannel Sleepwear is the authenticity of the tartans.  They’re for real. You can look them up. Royal Stewart. Black Watch. Grey Stewart. Hunting MacLeod.

I have my doubts about those Holiday Flannel Pants and Boxers. They look good, but what clan claims them?

I know you’re thinking this is hardly cutting edge fashion wise. However, I strongly feel we could all use some warmth and good cheer right about now. AndL.L.Bean is serving up a real toddy for the body with their slippers, PJs and robes.

Save the La Perla for New Year’s Eve when you want to sizzle. Go retro and go home to L.L.Bean for Christmas this year.

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