Whether they’re a newcomer to the world of cooking or an experienced chef and connoisseur of the finest ingredients, these gifts are sure to delight.

They can (and will) use this to cook the tastiest dishes, but this great cast iron dutch oven is not only useful but it’s also very pretty. It’ll be the highlight of holiday cooking for years to come.

It’s tough to cook delicious meals without owning a decent spice rack. This set is far better than adequate.

A variety of 3 award-winning hot sauces featuring peppers from around the globe guaranteed to give a nice kick to your food. Because your cooking deserves to be slathered in the best.

Subscription boxes are the best: you get regular shipments of cool stuff that’ll make your day. But with Vinebox, its wine. Specifically, single glass servings of different varieties of wine, to keep things interesting and delicious. It is the gift that keeps on giving (literally every month).

Brangelina may be long over. Still, their jointly owned 1,200-acre French estate (the birthplace of this fancy olive oil) lives on. This is an excellent gift for anyone afraid of splurging in an expensive bottle of olive. Guaranteed to change the way they look at olive oil and food!

As a cook, we love to use the freshest ingredients, and with the cold winter, it can be a little hard to do, especially when it comes to fresh herbs. Luckily, with this self-watering system set up in their kitchen, you will have the freshest herbs that will give a lovely décor to your kitchen and giving you some quality taste.

This stylish cookbook contains wonderful Missoni family dish recipes and looks pretty enough to display at the forefront in the kitchen year-round.

This board is so pretty and perfect for anyone with small storage spaces.

Fermentation is the next big thing in culinary experimentation. This beautiful cookbook from Noma, the fermentation masters, is the perfect guide to this relatively new type of cooking.

Marble Chevron Board
This gorgeous cheese board is for when you perhaps, sadly, have to slice into that lovely deluxe cheese tower. But it will be worth it.

You can now make fresh pasta at home with this excellent pasta machine.

11. The After Dinner Box of Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies $24

These delicious gummies make for a fun night out with friends. Each cocktail-flavored gummy contains 5% alcohol, so enjoy responsibly. Your foodie will enjoy the new take on a classic cocktail.

Boring salt and pepper shakers are a thing of the past. Give them the most stylish set of most-used items in their kitchen.

This elegant juice press beats store-bought every single time. Plus, the pretty finish makes it a perfect decor addition to any countertop.

This stylish and practical cheese grater is pretty enough to display on the counter when not in use. The compact design is perfect for quick grating.