It’s that time of year again. In between office parties and decorations, you’ve got to find time to check off your gift list for coworkers. After all, you do see them more than almost anyone else in your life. If you don’t have any ideas yet, consider these gifts for various personalities below:

The Messy One
If you have a coworker who seems to only function well in a total mess, give them a quirky desk organizer. Of course, the organizer will never solve all of their problems, but at least it gives hope.


The Bike Commuter
You probably know at least one person who commutes to work on their bike. Help make their commute a little sweeter by gifting them a coffee cup holder that can be kept on the handle bars. Try the Bar-Ista coffee cup holder by Portland Design Works for $17.

The Person Who Talks Too Much
Know someone in the office who talks all the time? Get them The Onion Book of Known Knowledge. It’s an encyclopedia of truths, falsehoods and everything in between. This book will keep him or her quiet for a while. Beware as they read this book, they may have even more stuff to talk about, so prepare…

The Handy One
If there’s someone you know who is always tinkering with things and is a handy man at heart, gift them a book they can use, such as The Art Of Fixing Things. It’s a collection of general handyman knowledge.

The Soda Junkie
You know that coworker who seems to live off of soda? No matter how unhealthy you think their habits are, here’s a gift that shows you thought of them. It’s a USB thermoelectric drink cooler and warmer by Just-So Soda. They don’t have to worry about putting their drink in the office fridge anymore. All they have to do is plug it to their computer device and go.

The Adventurer
Do you know someone who spends his weekends on long hikes in the woods? Give him a gift that will truly save his life. In case he ever ventures too far off, give him a LifeStraw. It turns the dirtiest water into drinkable water.