When you’re relaxed and chatting with friends and family, it may be okay to relax your language (unless you come from a really stiff family and have really stiff friends). But, when you’re in a setting where you want to make a good impression and be recognized for the intelligent person you are, you definitely want to avoid these grammar mistakes.

Me vs. I: Always say “between you and I”, not “between you and me”.


Because vs. That: Do you ever say, “The reason is because”? What you should say is, “The reason is that.”

Lay vs. Lie: There’s no need to say, “I need to lie down” Lie doesn’t need an object. But, you do want to say, “I need to lay the baby down.”

ATM vs. ATM Machine: Do you know what ATM stands for? Automated teller machine. There’s no reason to say ATM machine because then you’re really saying automatic teller machine machine.

PIN vs. PIN number: Just like ATM above, there’s no need to say PIN number. PIN means personal identification number. If you say PIN number, you’re really saying personal identification number number.

Historical vs. Historic: Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between these words? Historic means something significant. Historical means something relating to history.

Most everyone vs. everyone: If you mean everyone, well say everyone. If you mean some people, then say some or most people. Most everyone is a contradiction.

Very unique vs. Unique: Unique means one of a kind. It’s an absolute. No need to say very in front of it.

Merge together vs. Merge: Merge and together mean the same thing. No need to use them together.

Myself vs. I: Myself is a pronoun that should be used for when an acation is directed towards the object. For example, “For my birthday, I treated myself to dinner”.

Jealous vs. Envious: Jealous refers to resentment towards another while envious refers to covetousness of someone else’s abilities, advantages or possessions.

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