Summer means the kick-off of the festival season. Whether you’re planning on hitting a few high-octane parties this year or if this is your first foray into the festival scene, there are several essentials you should take with you no matter what. Making a fashionable impact on Instagram will be easier if you’re comfortable and have everything you need with you.

There are a few beauty products you can double up on to make a statement without taking a whole bag of makeup with you. Whether you’re into a natural look or want to become a unicorn for the weekend, we got you covered. Just make sure you leave enough room in your bag for a large water bottle to keep hydrated!

1. SPF lotion!
This SuperGoop stick is carry-on friendly and packs SPF50. The compact size leaves enough room for all those glittery accessories.

2. UV blocker
Unless you’re planning on keeping your hair hidden all festival long, grab a UV blocking spray for your hair. It will keep your color protected and your strands glossy.

3. Hair + Body Glitter
Yes, it’s essential. Trust us. Once you get there and see all the unicorns, you’ll wish you had some glitter on hand to sparkle up.

4. Dry shampoo
You’ll most likely sweat a lot, and no matter how many showers you take, it’ll feel like your hair roots are perpetually swimming in sweat. Battle the oil by packing a small dry shampoo you can quickly spritz in your hair to revitalize it.

5. Deodorant spray
You can bring the solid version, but the spray is super quick and easy to apply to all kinds of crevices, whether it’s the pits or behind the knees. You’re going to need all the deodorant you can get your hands on

6. Face Mist
After a long day in the sun, your skin is going to require a refreshing mist. This will also refresh your makeup and keep you looking glowy all day.

7. Makeup wipes
All that glitter is hard to take off at the end of the day, so bring some makeup wipes that can grab the small particles.

8. Temporary Tattoos
Kind of like the glitter, you’re going to want to add some spice to your outfits with some temporary tattoos. Luckily, they take up no space at all!

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Batiste Hydrating Dry Shampoo • Batiste • $6.99
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