Do any of these sound like you?

  • Ready for a career change, but feel stuck.
  • Been trying to make a career change, but nothing’s working.
  • Sent out 15 different resumes already, but no one’s calling back.

If you answered yes to any of these, you’re not alone. Every day, thousands of people find themselves “stuck” in a job that they hate with a passion.

So, what’s the key to really getting out “alive”? There are probably several keys you could try, but the one that works the best every single time is networking. That’s right. The secret to getting the position that never gets advertised is through effective networking.

Effective networking doesn’t mean going to a bunch of events with people who are in the same boat as you, nor does it mean sending out a bunch of cold emails. Effective networking is about making meaningful connections through the use of subtle techniques with those who are either working at the company you want to work at, or holding the title you’d like to hold.

So, how do you even begin to make a connection with someone like that? I’ve got the blueprint for that and it’s through the highly effective, yet rarely used “informational interview” format. The following steps on how to do this right come straight from Ramit Sethi – career, money and business expert and founder of

The goal with an informational interview is to get connected with someone you are curious to know more about and to learn from. Maybe you want to invite them out for coffee or lunch. Then once connected, you want to:

  • Ask great questions – not one’s that are obvious.
  • Remain clear and concise while talking. 

So, you may be wondering how do you get connected with someone like this in the first place. Aren’t they like untouchable? Actually, no. With just a little bit of ingenuity and patience, you can get in touch with just about anyone. Here are two ways to strike a connection:

  • Find a warm contact. Do this by checking out who they’re already connected with on Facebook or Twitter and go from there.  
  • If you went to the same college, check out the alumni association.

Once connected, reach out with a brief, straight to the point email. Ramit actually provides an email template you can use for ideas. After you’ve finally set up a meet up – go for the kill. Not literally, but this is your time to show off your intelligence and make a meaningful connection. While with them, be sure to ask insightful questions. And whatever you do, never ask for a job! Yes, you’re anxious for something new, but let it all come naturally, instead of forced.

You don’t have to be perfect to give these a shot. Just go for it. Actually, the more human you show yourself to be the more endearing.

Go ahead today and make a list 10 people to reach out to- again per Ramit’s suggestion. Find some way to get in contact with them and make magic happen!

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