In this unpredictable 2020 environment, our plans have mostly come to a halt. But you still may have travel plans or even have to travel for work or other reasons. So, let’s look at how to stay safe if you’re on the road.

Where Are You Going?
First, it’s helpful to look at how bad the coronavirus is at your destination. This changes week to week. Sometimes a state looks relatively low on infections and weeks or a month later that can change. Check ahead of time, and don’t be afraid to cancel your trip if your destination doesn’t look safe.

How Are You Going to Travel?
Plane, train, or automobile? If you’re driving, are you driving alone? If so, great and congratulations, you can social distance in your vehicle…kind of. Unless you have unlimited gasoline and never have to use the bathroom, you’ll have to interact with others during stops.

If you’re traveling with someone else, be sure they have taken precautions before the trip to not expose themselves to coronavirus. Because if you’re in a vehicle together, you’re definitely not social distancing.

If you’re flying, good luck with social distancing. Yes, some airlines are blocking out middle seats. And yes, supposedly, the air circulation in a plane isn’t that dangerous for spreading infection. Still, you’re going to be around people in the security line, before and after.

RV travel has become more popular. But most of us can’t afford to rent an RV. It’s probably the only way to actually travel with others and socially distance to some degree. The real point is that you can take all you need for the trip, so you don’t have to stop for food and a bathroom.

Travel Restrictions
You also need to check out travel restrictions, especially if you’re thinking of traveling internationally. Many countries have strict rules for Americans entering right now, and many of the tourist destinations are closed anyway.

While states can’t impose overly tight restrictions, like closing borders to citizens of other states, they can require you to quarantine. They may also have stricter laws on masks that come with hefty fines.