Putting perfume on seems simple. Spray a little (or a lot) here and there, and you’re done. But then have you ever met someone who puts on perfume and smells good for hours? Well, that’s probably because they know the proper ways to put on perfume. So instead of wasting tons of perfume the next time you go out, use these tips instead to make the scent last longer and stronger:

Spray, don’t rub

You know how you’ve probably heard a bunch of times to rub your wrists together with perfume? Yeah, well, that’s entirely false. There’s no need to rub perfume in at all. Rubbing your wrists together actually heats the skin, which changes the scent. Instead, spray a little on both wrists.

Spray directly onto yourself

We’ve all done that thing where you spray the air with perfume and walk into it. That doesn’t work at all. Instead, spray perfume directly onto yourself to best absorb the scent and help it stay for longer.

Put perfume on exposed areas

When deciding where to spray your perfume, take note that it’s best not to spray where clothes will cover. Spray on exposed target pulse points, such as your neck, wrists, or inner elbows, below your midriff, and behind your knees.

Keep moisturized 

Before putting on your perfume, moisturize an unscented lotion onto that area first. This will help keep the scent on your skin for longer. The best results will come from an oil-based moisturizer!

Spray your hairbrush

Bet you’ve never heard this one before! But spraying your hairbrush with perfume can help you retain the scent for longer. Spray your brush and then lightly run it through your hair, and you’ll spend all night smelling amazing.

Spray it on the tops of your ears

If you’re wondering what other places on your body you should put perfume, try spraying it on your ears. Fragrance lasts longer on oilier parts of your body, making the tops of your ears an ideal spot.