Decorating a rental place can be challenging, because you know you might not be there for long. You still want to make it home-y and cute, but you can’t paint or do anything permanent. But at the same time, it’s hard to live in a place with absolutely no decorations. So how do you decorate a rental place?

The answer is simple and relatively inexpensive- you just have to dress it up with easy additions. There’s no point in spending a ton of money on paint, and expensive furniture in just a rental, and here is how you can spruce it up on a budget:

Use temporary wallpaper
Most landlords don’t allow you to actually paint the walls of your rental unit. If white walls aren’t your thing, just get your hands on some temporary wallpaper. Temporary wallpaper is easy to apply and take off and doesn’t leave any residue.

Disguise with decor
If you’re finding that your rental has weird holes, light switches, or power outlets, simply disguise them with decor. You can hang art, posters, mirrors, storage- whatever will cover up the eyesore!

Add plants
Plants are a fantastic and easy way to brighten up a room and add more color. There are tons of plants that thrive indoors and add a beautiful element to any room.

Use a removable tile backsplash
If you can’t stand the look of your kitchen backsplash but cannot put in a new one, just use a peel-and-stick tile backsplash! They’re way more affordable, and you can easily find one that goes with your kitchen.

Place a rug
One of the easiest ways to cover up an ugly floor is with a rug! You can find affordable and cute rugs that easily dress up a room. Plus, they’re easy to remove and take with you when you move out!

Get rid of bad lighting fixtures
Ugly light fixtures are definitely an eyesore and often something you can’t really get used to. If you hate the light fixtures in your rental, just replace it with something that better suits your personality.

Use throw pillows and blankets
Not only are throw pillows and blankets functional, but they’re also so cute! Get some stylish pillows and a soft blanket to leave on your couch, and some for your bedroom, too, of course.

Replace the showerhead
If you really want your place to feel like home, even if it’s just temporary, you want to have a good shower. And replacing the showerhead is the perfect place to start. You can find affordable and still high-quality showerheads, and they are pretty easy to install.