Say it with me. I am not a plant killer.

All you need is some information and a few simple tips to learn how to look after your green friends. If you want your house plants to thrive while you enjoy a little greenery of your own, here are a few things you should consider.

Choose the right plant

The majority of house plants come from tropical climates, and they are sold as house plants because they are relatively easy to take care of, so your plant seller wants you to succeed!

Make sure to talk to your seller before purchasing your plants and find out which indoor plants would work with your schedule and which are right for your home.

Light and location

Once you bring your plant home, it is time to put it in a place where it is most likely to survive and do well. This means looking at the light situation in your home. Some plants need more light to survive than others. That is why it’s essential to find the right light for your new friend.

If you’re ever confused, remember that most houseplants like direct sunlight by a window or a balcony. Plants with bright colored leaves like more sun than others.

Water your plant

This part is vital because most house plants die due to overwatering! Yup, too much water can kill your plant. Make sure your plants are in well-draining soil (please say yes) and in a pot with drainage holes (please, please say yes). You should only water it when the top inch of the soil feels dry.

Always stick your finger in the soil to check. If it’s dry, go ahead and give your plant a light soak. But if the soil is still moist from the last watering, wait two more days and then check again.

Keep this in mind

  • It is essential to give your plants an overall check every week.
  • Always check the soil before watering.
  • Remove yellowed, browned, or withered leaves.
  • Wipe down the leaves once a month to prevent the dust from clogging the plant’s pores.
  • Rotate the plant or change spots if you feel that it need less or more light.
  • If your plant ever needs CPR, do it in springtime! Repot your plant and add (diluted) fertilizer to give your plant a boost.