The relationship you have with food can be connected with your emotions, resulting in you eating even when you aren’t actually hungry. Whether you reach for food to calm you down or give you something to do when you are bored, these tips will help you figure out whether you are actually hungry or not.

Wait for a Few Minutes
To determine whether you are hungry or just want food to fill the emotional void, you should try waiting a few minutes. If the hunger persists even after 10 to 15 minutes, you should eat.

Ask Yourself What Would You Like to Eat
If you would be okay with eating a healthy, nutritious meal to satisfy your hunger, you are really hungry. On the other hand, if you want to consume something, in particular, it is probably craving. Especially if you are craving something greasy or fast food.

Try Drinking a Glass of Water
This trick may seem silly, but sometimes we are unable to distinguish our thirst from our hunger. You might not be hungry, just dehydrated. Try drinking a glass of water and see whether your hunger goes away after 10 minutes.

Try to Figure Out What Lead to The Feeling of Hunger
If you tend to find comfort in food, numerous triggers can cause you to feel the need for food. If you are questioning whether you are hungry, try to figure out what lead to this feeling. Are you bored, distressed, or sad? Noticing these behavior patterns can help you learn more about your relationship with food and help you determine whether you are actually hungry. Once you figure out what your triggers are, you can work on eliminating them.

Determine When Was the Last Time You Ate
If you ate a whole meal recently, you probably aren’t actually hungry. If this is the case, try distracting yourself and do something else. For example, go for a walk, read a book, or watch a movie.

Figure Out Whether Your Meals Were Nutritious Enough
If you feel the hunger even though you ate recently, there is a chance that your meals aren’t filling enough. If they don’t contain enough protein, you may feel hunger earlier than you anticipated. If this is the case, try planning balanced meals in advance and try to stick to them.