Natural light is so essential in a house. It brightens up space, is better for photos, and overall just improves your mood. But unfortunately, every area of your home can’t have natural light. There are bound to be some corners that natural light just doesn’t hit, and we tend to avoid those spaces.

But, what if there were ways you could brighten up even the darkest of spaces? Don’t avoid those dark and gloomy areas, instead just use these tricks to enhance them:

Use mirrors
When you don’t have natural light, mirrors will be your best friend. Put a mirror across from a light source, whether that’s a lamp or a window, so the light will be reflected in the space. Mirrors make a small room look bigger, and a dark room look brighter, so the more mirrors, the merrier!

Aim light upward
Of course, you’re going to need artificial light (like lamps) in your space, but it’s crucial to aim that light upward. Aiming light up at the ceiling reduces shadows, which helps with brightness.

Pick light-colored furniture
A dark space and dark furniture don’t belong together. Instead, go for white or beige colored furniture that will naturally help to lighten up the room’s overall feel.

Minimize the wall art
I know, wall art is tempting. But in a dark space, the less, the better. Try to keep the walls as bare as possible so that light can reflect off of it and brighten the room. Choose one or two pieces to put on the wall, not a whole collection.

Go for light-colored curtains
This one is very important- you don’t want your only natural light source to be covered with dark-colored curtains! Go for beige or light gray curtains instead.

Use fairy lights
Fairy lights are super cute and trendy, and they’re actually a perfect way to brighten a dark room. Fairy lights are a subtle way to add more light without overdoing it with a ton of lamps.