This summer is going to be a little different from year’s past in that most of it is going to be spent at home. And while we’ve already spent the past few months indoors, we have good weather to thank for letting us spend more time outside. And if you’re looking for a way to excite your life without having to leave your house, gardening is a great idea. Why not pursue a new hobby this summer?!

We’re going to be spending a lot of time at home, so might as well make your backyard pretty! Plus, isn’t it everyone’s dream to have a full vegetable garden that you can just step outside to pick your morning veggies from? If starting a garden is something you’ve always thought about, this is a sign to get up and start. Here are some steps on how you can make that dream a reality:

Choose what you want to grow
In a dream world, we’d have every vegetable under the sun in our garden. But unfortunately, that’s not realistic. Some vegetables need more space to grow than others, so make sure you consider what you want to grow.

Pick a good location
A good garden starts with a good location. First and foremost, you need a site with lots of sunlight. Then you want moist, well-drained soil. And last, you want to plant in an area where there’s not a ton of wind, and people don’t walk through.

Have good soil
Good soil is so vital for a healthy garden. Good soil should be nutrient-rich and well-drained for your plants and vegetables to thrive. Make sure your soil is healthy and vibrant!

Get basic gardening tools
To have a lovely garden, you need at least the basic gardening tools. Invest in tools like a garden hoe, leaf rake, dirt rake, and garden shovel to get you started. Then, as the more experienced you get, the more tools you can play around with.

Know where and when to plant
Different vegetables thrive in different seasons and terrains. “Cool-season veggies,” such as lettuce and spinach, grow best in the spring, while “warm-season veggies,” like tomatoes and peppers, thrive in the summer.

Take care of your garden
Your vegetable garden will soon be like a child to you- you need to take care of it! Having a thriving garden takes time and dedication. That means you need to build in time to your schedule to tend to your garden, water them regularly, get rid of weeds, and make sure your garden is happy and healthy.