If success were easy, everyone would have it. But, it’s not. Achieving success requires ambition. According to master life coach, Christian Mickelsen, success is inevitable if you do two things:

  • Take the steps out in the world that you need to take.
  • Work on your inner game (also known as your psychology)

These two things will guarantee success and the only factor left to determine when you’ll achieve it is time.

If you need help fueling your ambition so that you keep taking the steps you need to take, here are three ways that will surely keep you focused. Check them out:

#1 – Monitor your environment.
How many people in your life support what you want to do, or who are ambitious themselves? If you can’t think of any, that’s a problem. You must surround yourself with ambitious people. They help keep you motivated and you’re much more likely to achieve your goals faster.

Wondering where to find likeminded people? Here are a few places:

  1. online forums
  2. mastermind groups
  3. meet up groups
  4. at the gym

In the next 14 days, find and connect with at least one ambitious person. Also, read a book that will fuel your ambition. This may be an inspirational book, a tactical book or a biography on a successful person.

#2 – Make goals bigger.
Don’t set a wimpy goal that’s easy to accomplish. If you want wild success, you’ve got to push yourself harder. You may think that setting small “manageable” goals is smart, but if you set larger goals you’re more likely to take it further. Write these goals down. That way you have a paper reference that will keep you on track. Today write down one major goal that you have and then one step you’re going to take to get there this week.

#3 – Ignore naysayers.
You may have heard this many times, but it’s true. Your mind is a like a sponge, so its important for you to remain fixated on your goals. That means not listening to negativity. That includes your own. Sometimes we are our own worst critics. Whenever you’re about to do something new, know it’s for your own good.

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