Some would argue that once you hit your 30s that’s when true adulthood begins. If you’re 30 or older, check out these life skills you should have. And if you’re fast approaching 30, please read because this is a great time to prepare.

Table Etiquette: Ok, we all remember when mom told us not to speak with our mouth full, but there are some other rules of etiquettes you should know as well. For instance, what to do with your fork, and where to place your hands while talking.

How To Be Alone: Being alone may not sound appealing, but it’s good to know how to be with yourself sometimes. Whether you’re going out to eat, going to a movie or showing up at a gathering, it’s a huge confidence boost when you don’t have tag along with someone just to feel validated.

Budgeting: If you don’t want to end up in the poor house, then budgeting is one of those skills you need. Maybe when you were younger you could depend on mom and/or dad to bail you out. But, as you get older, you need to know how to budget your money for things like food, housing and other expenses.

Introduce Yourself: You never know when you’ll meet someone worthwhile. Whether it’s someone of a romantic interest, a potential new friend, or great business connection, knowing how to introduce yourself appropriately and with confidence is a must.

Say No: One of the most important skills that will save your sanity is knowing how to say no. You need to know how to set boundaries and not feel guilty for saying, “no” to anyone whether it be your boss, your friends, or even yourself.

Send a Timely Thank You Card: When you appreciate something someone has done, it’s important to send a simple thank you note within at least 2 weeks.

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