From social media specialist to video editor, the top job skills of 2018 will wage on over the next few years. As people scramble to adapt to the modern workforce, it’s important to do whatever you can to stay on top of all the rest of the talent. Doing so means higher pay, and better job options.

Here are the top jobs sills to have in 2018:

Social Media Management: If you’re great at writing, staying engaged with audiences and know your way around social media platforms, you have a plethora of job options at your finger tips. According to Kissmetrics, social media has ranked as one of the top digital marketing avenues, which makes this skill in high demand.

Software Development: In this tech-dominated world, there’s hardly any skill more important than software development. Depending on how good you are and what you can do, you can make up to  $150/hr.

Video Editing: Because of the growing wave of videos consumed online these days, there’s a growing need for expert video editing skills. It’s a pretty easy industry to get into. You just need to know how to create video for both education and marketing purposes. If you learn how to use Final Cut Pro X, you’ll be just as good as any other editor out there.

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