Getting sick in the winter can feel inevitable. When the seasons quickly change, our bodies try their hardest to fight off getting sick. But every winter, almost as if it’s a routine, we all start to feel those winter blues in the form of a cold. And when it’s so cold outside, staying inside with a cup of tea and a bowl of warm soup seems all that more tempting.

Although avoiding your responsibilities when you’re sick can feel nice for a moment, actually feeling sick is the worst. And although feeling sniffly in the winter is common, getting sick is preventable. So whether you’re starting to feel a cold coming on, or want to prevent it altogether, here are some natural remedies to avoid getting sick this winter:

Wash your hands

As obvious as this sounds, many people forget the importance of washing your hands- especially in the winter. Thoroughly washing your hands is the number one way to prevent getting the flu, so make sure you pile on the soap this winter and scrub carefully.

Get enough sleep

There’s no denying that rest is fantastic. So getting more sleep in the winter should be no problem, right? Getting enough sleep can prevent you from getting sick by letting your body recuperate from the cold winter days.

Lessen your stress

Stress is a direct contributor to a weakened immune system. So the less stress you have, the healthier you are going to be! Take the time out every day to do something you love that relaxes you- whether that’s reading a book, cooking, or watching your favorite TV show.

Exercise regularly

Getting yourself to the gym when it’s cold out can be tough, but exercising daily is crucial in preventing getting sick. Exercise increases your circulation so antibodies can move throughout your blood quicker, which makes your immune system stronger.

Take supplements

You might need to add a few more supplements to your morning routine in the winter, but they’ll prove beneficial in the long run. Supplements like turmeric and glutathione improve your immune system significantly- turmeric is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, and glutathione helps your liver detoxify.

Drink less alcohol

Too much alcohol isn’t good for your immune system as it suppresses your central nervous which can damage your immune system, making it harder for your body to fight off sickness.

Drink bone broth

Bone broth is, without a doubt, one of the trendiest advancements in the health world, but it’s for good reason. Bone broth is a liquid containing bones and connective tissues- sounds gross, but it’s amazing for your immune system as it helps to reduce inflammation.

Drink more water

Consuming enough water is essential all year long, but just because the weather gets cold doesn’t mean you get to forget about it. Drinking enough water ensures your immune system will be working at its best ability throughout the cold weather.