The economy has never been weirder. Jobs are off and on, especially if you work in the restaurant or service industry. Additionally, no one knows what’s in store for us as we battle through the pandemic. It’s an excellent time to take a look at your finances and see where you can cut some expenses. Yes, even if that just means one less Postmates order per week. Here are a few ways you might not have thought of to help your pocketbook.

Credit Cards
Have you ever called your credit card company, and just flat out asked them to lower your interest rate? Most people don’t, but you should definitely give it a try because the worst they can say is “no.” If they agree, it can save you money for years. Always remember — you don’t get what you don’t ask for.

Sure your card might give you a higher spending limit without you asking, but they will never lower your interest rate unless you ask for it. So, give them a call and ask.

Another good tip is to see if you have travel points saved up. Some card companies will let you convert those points to cash. There’s not much travel in the near future for most of us, so it might be a good time to pocket the cash.

Here’s another instance of “You don’t get what you don’t ask for.” When it comes to saving money, you’ve got to be proactive. If you’re having trouble meeting your monthly bills, call the company. They definitely won’t give you any help if you don’t ask. If you request it, many lenders will help you, especially if you’re facing unemployment. They would rather you keep paying the loan, even if it’s less for a time, than not at all. You can’t lose anything besides some time by calling and asking.

A lot of us are using online shopping to eat now more than ever. You know the feeling of getting to the check out page only to have a whopping number hit you thanks to sneaky service fees. While you need to tip the person shopping for you, one option to lower your cost is to make your shopping orders last. That means buying in bulk and buying less often.

And yes, here’s the part no one wants to hear: it’s a good time to stop eating out for many reasons. Instead of thinking about losing your favorite delivery or restaurant night, think of it as time dedicated to upping your cooking skills.

Have you ever realized you forgot to cancel an annual subscription to a service you signed up to for free? We’ve all been there. Take an hour and review all the free apps that later charge you for the service and cancel them.

Don’t think just because you changed credit cards that the companies won’t bill you anyway. Many companies work with credit card providers to charge you, even if you didn’t give them your new card number. So, go through the menus and click cancel on apps you don’t use or need.