How are you reacting to situations that pop up in life? Whether they be things that challenge you, or things that cause anxiety, your reactions say it all.

Here are some new habits you can adopt right away that will help you increase confidence, handle stress and set better vibes.


Confidence Pose – A confidence pose is a wonderful psychological way to gain power and exude strength. Before you do anything else in the morning, stop and hold your arms in the air like the letter V for victory. This is sort of like what people do when they win a championship. Another confidence pose is to put your hands on your hips, hold your chest out and raise your chin high. Striking poses like these for a couple of minutes regularly will help to increase your self-confidence over time. Do this every morning and also do it before you do anything that makes you nervous or uncomfortable.

Setting Positive Tones – It’s easy for people to jump on the negative bandwagon in situations. Never join them. Instead stay quiet until you can find a way to reveal the positive. A positive tone truly lifts your mood. That energy will begin to circulate to others around you.

Let Go The Small Stuff – How many times have you agonized over small missteps and mistakes? Sweating the small stuff is unhealthy for you and it doesn’t fix anything. Be comfortable with the idea that you’re going to make mistakes. That’s what makes you human and move on. In fact, the next time you make a mistake take a deep breath and smile about it.