Have you ever wondered why the body does weird and involuntary things when you’re nervous? Blush, shake, stutter, and sweat are all common things that the body does as a defense mechanism. Most times they show up when you don’t want others seeing you sweat.

Good news is others actually see your imperfections as a positive thing. They are what make you human, so if you do make a nervous reaction it wont be the end of the world.

Here are some common nervous physical reactions that happen when you’re nervous and how to control them.

Shaky Voice: Whether you’re trying to get your point across 1 on 1 or to a crowd, you don’t want them to know how nervous you truly are. Try to stay cool, calm and collected by  taking a deep breath for a few seconds and then releasing it. This helps to reduce tension on your vocal cord.

Uncontrollable Cry: Sometimes when we’re in intense situations, we feel the urge to burst into tears. A lot of pinned up emotions will do that to you.  The moment you feel your eyes welling up, try pinching the webbed skin between your thumb and index finger. According to Joanna Goddard from Glamour.com, this helps to create a small distraction.

Trembling Hands: Just like a shaky voice, your hands may start to tremble. A great way to conceal this is to fold them or clasp them in front of you. Try not to hold anything, so it doesn’t become noticeable. Also, slowly moving your body into a different position while your hands yours are folded helps. The slow movement of your body also tells your hands to slow down as well.

Flatulence: Another embarrassing body reaction is flatulence. If you’re heading into a situation where you think you’ll be nervous, watch what you eat before hand. Also, alternate between deep breaths and pinching the inside of your finger between your thumb and pointer finger. This will help you place your attention elsewhere.

What about you? How do you control your nervousness?

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