Are you having trouble keeping your home organized? If so, you’re not alone. Between dishes, laundry, and general tidying, organizing your home can be challenging and time consuming. Add on extra chaos if you’re working from home, and it’s not surprising to find yourself feeling lost (sometimes quite literally) among your possessions.
Dedicating a few hours to getting your home organized can help reduce stress and save you time doing your weekly cleaning.

Think Like a Minimalist (Sort Of)
According to a Soap and Detergent Association study, reducing the amount of clutter in your home could likely also decrease time spent doing chores by 40%. It stands to reason that with fewer possessions, you’ll spend less time having to organize them.

Look to sites like Pinterest for inspiration when it comes to achieving a minimalism inspired look. You don’t have to purge 90% of your possessions. Just be realistic about what you use. A good place to start is by following the One Year Rule. If you haven’t worn the clothes, read the book, or used the kitchen appliance in a year, donate it and get it out of your home.

Invest in Storage Devices
While you don’t want to go overboard buying new items since you want to bring less items into your home, consider making limited, wise purchases to aid your organization process. For example, investing in shoe racks can save you time looking for your shoes in the morning before work. Installing an alphabetized spice rack in your pantry makes cooking easier each day. Putting up a few extra clothing rods in your bedroom closet makes finding outfits faster, not to mention saving you time on ironing.

Just remember that when you purchase an item, the intent is to free up space. If you buy the shoe rack, don’t fall into the trap of buying extra shoes to fill it while leaving your old shoes in their original pile.

Create Distinct Spaces
Not everyone has the luxury of a sprawling home. If you find yourself limited on space, it’s still possible to stay organized. Designate a place for every item in your home. If you live in a studio for instance, consider using a folding desk for doing school or work assignment. You can easily fold the desk and store it under your bed or in a closet when you’re done.

If you have workout equipment, dedicate a corner of a room as your fitness area. Keep all your exercise gear in this space. You can even get creative by purchasing multifunctional furniture like a side table that can discreetly hide weights and resistance bands.

Limit Yourself to “One of Each”
A good tip for staying organized is to limit yourself to purchasing just one of certain items. This rule is especially handy when it comes to toiletries. Make a pact with yourself to buy just one bottle of shampoo at a time. Use the entire bottle before buying another one, even if you see an amazing deal or want to try a different brand.
The same rule applies for bath soap, hand soap, lotion, cleaning products, etc. If you’re like many Americans, you’ll likely begin to realize that you already have enough of these items to last you several months.

While staying organized can be tough, especially when living in a smaller space, you can make adjustments that keep you stress- and clutter-free.