It’s everybody’s favorite show. It features a group of 6 friends, their lives in New York City, and a whole lot of coffee. If you haven’t guessed it already, it’s Friends. The tragic news that Friends will be leaving Netflix in 2020 comes just in time for the announcement that Pottery Barn is releasing a Friends-themed collection. This announcement makes us feel SLIGHTLY better. The collection releases in late July, and we can’t wait to have our very own Friends moment.

Included in the collection are 14 products, ranging in price $13 to $1,099. You’ll have a pick from decorative accessories, furniture, textiles, and more!

It’s been almost 25 years since Friends first premiered and the collection is meant to celebrate their 25th anniversary on September 22.

If you know Pottery Barn, you know they never disappoint. So get your wallets ready to make some serious purchases once the collection is officially released. And to fuel your excitement a little bit more, we have the inside scoop that the collection will include Friends pillows and mugs with iconic Friends quotes.

Pottery Barn, I’ll be there for you come late July! See you then!