Life is not a linear process. There are ups and downs we all must endure that’s a part of living. There may be times when our life experiences leave us feeling like failures.

Never wallow long in self-pity. It may be hard to see how much progress you’re making when you’re in the “thick” of things, but you’d be surprised at how well you’re actually doing. Here are signs that you’re actually succeeding at life, even when you don’t feel like it.


You Are Proactive About Change.

You don’t sit around waiting for things to happen. You make them happen. Successful people are proactive about what happens in their life.

You Don’t Let What Other People Think Bother You.

You love the person you are and aren’t worried about the judgments of others. Successful people know that there is something inside of them that’s bigger than society’s standards, therefore they don’t worry about it.

You Refuse To Be A Victim.

This ties into #1. You know that life doesn’t happen to you. You understand that you are in charge of you and that placing the blame on others never gets you anywhere. Successful people refuse to be kept down by life’s experiences.

You Have Passions That You Pursue.

You know that you have major contributions to make to the world and are gung ho about making them come true.

You Are Able To Congratulate Others For Their Successes.

You don’t go around hating on the successes of others. You know there’s enough success for everyone and don’t mind spreading good energy to others because it will come back to you.

You Have A Support System.

No man is an island. If you have people, even if it’s only one person in your corner who supports you, you’re going to do great things. Successful people have people in their corners who will always “ride” for them no matter what.

You’re Not A Complainer.

You understand that change won’t come through complaining and that you have to actually do something about it. Successful people are the change that they want to see in the world. Besides, you understand that there’s a whole lot to be grateful for.

You Are Accepting Of Your Failures.

You understand that failures are the building blocks to success. The most successful people in the world have had many failures on their way to the top.

Your Relationships Are Less Dramatic Than They Once Were.

You’ve noticed there is much more peace in your relationships. Successful people understand that energy is important and won’t waste it on drama.

If It Doesn’t Serve You Well, You Let It Go.

You understand that you have to take care of yourself and part that means only surrounding yourself with things, and people who make you happy.


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