About once a week, my house suddenly looks like it has exploded. If this is a regular occurrence for you as well, you’re going to want to keep reading.
This home cleaning checklist will help you whip the place back into ship shape!

As they say, the kitchen is the heart of the home. I prefer to say it’s the messiest part. This is where I recommend starting. That way, even if you don’t complete everything, you have a nice and clean environment for preparing food.

    • Dishes – Start here! The sink is a huge asset during cleaning, so you will want to empty it before you do anything else.
    • Stovetop – If you have a gas stove, pop those grates off and get them soaking in some hot water. Sanitize the stovetop next, then come back to those grates, and scrub them good! When you reassemble it, you’ll feel like you have a brand new appliance.
    • Cabinets – I can’t be the only one who seems to constantly clean splatters off my cabinet surfaces… Wipe them clean! Yes, even the lower cabinets!
    • Countertop – Once you’ve cleaned your stove and cabinets, move onto the countertops. I like to use something antibacterial that smells nice.
    • Floor – Last but not least, mop that floor, or at least Swiffer it.

This is my least favorite room of the home, as it’s prone to smells and stains – yuck! Break out the bleach for this one, and make sure to crack the windows so that it airs out while you’re cleaning.

    • Spray everything down – Before you start any one part, spray everything down with a foaming bleach cleanser. Keep your door open and your fan on during and after this step, though.
    • Sink – This is probably less of a disaster than the shower, so it needs less time with the bleach. Wipe it all up and then rinse it all down. Be sure to dry when you’re done to avoid water spots.
    • Shower – The dreaded shower scrubbing… it comes now. If you do this regularly, you might be able to get away with a quick spray and a wipe!
    • Toilet – Don’t skip this. I am convinced that a toilet is dirty no matter how clean it looks, so spritz it with some bathroom cleaner, give it a little scrub, and then leave it at that.
    •  Floor – End by vacuuming your mats and mopping your tiles.

Laundry Room
Okay, so this room is pretty easy except for the laundry part. Truthfully, you’ll want a little laundry going while you clean pretty much every other room in the house.

    • Laundry – Wash and fold it all! Then, you want to get it out of the room so you can access all appliances and spaces.
    • Wipe it down – Take some multipurpose cleaner and spritz everything you can. Wipe it up and suddenly there’s no more chance of dust touching your clean laundry.
    • Floors – Vacuum up that spilled lint next to the dryer!

Living Room
We’ll keep this quick since this one is pretty easy.

    • Tidy up – Fold your blankets, put away any forgotten objects, and straighten your furniture.
    • Vacuum – Run the vacuum, and don’t forget to bring out the handheld vacuum for the couch!
    • Lightly dust – Check surfaces for dust and get rid of it all. This includes the dreaded ceiling fan and those blinds.

You have to do this last, or it’s far too tempting to go in really fast and call it a day.

    • Do the Laundry – Swap the bedding, pick up any clothes laying on the floor, and start the wash.
    • Vacuum – Just like in the living room, your bedroom is likely to be a dust magnet. Don’t forget to vacuum under the bed!
    • Wipe down – Lastly, clean the surface of dressers and nightstands and maybe even get those curtains down and toss them in the wash while you’re at it.

While this list is not all-inclusive, it’s a good reference piece for a quick and regular clean. For more tips on those often forgotten places during a routine cleaning, check out this blog.

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Now that you’ve hit all the major rooms… I give you permission to climb into that freshly made bed and rest for a bit. Enjoy that clean-house feelin’!