Feel like you’ve outgrown your bedroom, need more space, or simply fancy a change? You can always refresh and update your bedroom on a budget without drastic or difficult changes. We’ve put together some simple yet useful tips for revamping your bedroom without fully transforming it.

Declutter and Organize 
One of the best ways to free up space and make a bedroom look bigger and better is to declutter and organize your belongings. Invest in some shelving and new storage solutions, these don’t have to be expensive. Still, they can really make a difference and help everywhere look more neat and tidy.

Invest in Accessories 
Sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest difference. Buying new accessories such as plants, prints, and new cushions can bring a whole new vibe to your bedroom. Try swapping your mirror to a new style, or moving things around to experiment and see which looks you prefer.

Change Your Color Scheme 
Many people think when you initially decorate your bedroom, you have to stick to that same color scheme going forward. This isn’t the case at all, as you can easily switch up your color scheme by changing your bedding and accessories to fit a new palette. Try white and neutral shades for a minimalist look, or go for a dark and cozy vibe with classic or deep royal blue.

Move Things Around 
How often have you actually considered what your room would look like if you moved everything around? It’s easy to stick to a particular layout, but you may find that some simple changes can make the room look more spacious or just have a better layout. This step doesn’t cost any money and can easily be done in minutes. Try and take a look at your room and reimagine where you could put things such as furniture and accessories.