Stephen King is the most famous horror author of the century. With over 60 books, countless movies, and series adaptations, over 350 million copies of his works were sold worldwide. And since this is Scary October, we’re ranking his scariest flicks!

10. Misery

The only Stephen King adaptation movie that ever won an academy award. Kathy Bates took home an Oscar for her role as the mentally disturbed nurse who kidnaps her favorite author. Watch he do everything in her power to keep him from escaping her grasp.

9. Children of the Corn

This Stephen King masterpiece came to life in this fantastic adaptation in this 1984 movie. This creepy story is of a young couple who come across a small town in their travels that happens to be populated entirely by children, followers of a young preacher. No, these kids don’t want to play with toys. From the opening massacre to the many deaths, this horror film remains a classic to this day!

8. 1922

A man confesses to the murder of his wife only to later be terrorized by the thought that she is haunting him. Writer and director Zak Hilditch perfectly adapted this famous Stephen King short story in 2017. Plus, it’s easily accessible since it’s streaming on Netflix.

7. Carrie

This movie was so popular it was adapted twice both in 1976 by Sissy Spacek, and in 2013 by actress Chloe Grace Moretz. Carrie is a troubled and shy teenager who’s always the joke of her class. Her religious/crazy mother mentally abuses her until one day, she loses it and turns into a cold-blooded killer.

6. Silver Bullet

The classic adaptation of Stephen King’s 1985 novel about a series of unexplained murders in the small and quiet town of Taker’s Mill. When the inhabitants find out a werewolf is responsible, they start a vigilante group to capture the beast.

5. The Shining

Arguably the most famous Stephen King novel. This 1980 adaptation is still popular to this day. Jack Nicholson’s role as the psycho killer remains unforgettable. It’s a story of a writer and his family who spend some time in an isolated hotel and later discover the disturbing events and secrets inside.

4. The Dark Half

A psychological thriller about a writer who invents a pseudo personality to perform some experiments, AKA murders. The movie takes a close look at the writer’s alter-ego from the perspective of a horror film.

3. It

Everybody is familiar is the most popular horror movie of the past three years, IT and IT: Chapter Two. Pennywise, the chilling clown, resurrects every 27 years and goes on a killing spree, targeting the most vulnerable victims, children.

2. The Mist

By far, the scariest and most vicious adaptation Frank Darabont (the writer and director) has ever made of Stephen King’s work. The story takes place in a small town, suddenly encased by a mysterious mist. They soon find out that the fog is full of monsters and terrifying creatures. To make matters worse, while everyone is trying to survive the mist and its terrors, a cult suddenly appears among the survivors looking to make human sacrifices.

1. Pet Sematary

Stephen King’s horrifying story of a family’s grief gone wrong as their lost ones resurrect in the most creepy way possible. Basically, “sometimes, dead is better,” and we genuinely believe that after watching this movie.