Have you ever walked into a friend’s house, and your first thought was, “there is no way this didn’t jump out of a magazine!” Have you ever imagined what effort would be required to have a clean house at all times? We compiled some simple hacks that will allow you to enjoy clean space at all times, without a professional cleaner involved!

Pick up as you go
Spaces get cluttered and untidy most times because we leave items to hang out rather than stashing them away properly. As you move around the house, pick up anything that is lying where it doesn’t belong and set them in their appropriate place.

Always do your dish after each meal
Do you know the funny thing about leaving your plates in the sink? You get to wash twice as much as you would if you had cleaned on the go in the first place! Cleaning after each meal not only helps keep your space tidy, it saves you from odors that you certainly do not want in your kitchen.

Create a cleanup schedule
Cleaning your house time after time helps you retain a tidy space at all times. And the best way to settle into a great routine is to schedule time weekly to put your space in order. It doesn’t have to be a rigorous schedule. Something very light and easy to achieve works perfectly.

Make your bed every day
This is not only awesome where keeping your space tidy is concerned, but it is also an excellent way to get started on your day mentally. You feel like you have achieved the first task you set for yourself that day.

Create clear spaces
The absence of a clearly outlined space for household items spells disarray! To keep your house clean at all times, set assigned areas for every single thing you own. A chair should always remain in its space, your clothes and your kitchen utensils should also stay in their appropriate spaces.

Keeping your home clean always may not be a tedious thing to do. It does require a lot of self-discipline because sometimes, that’s all it takes!