It’s 2020. If you’re not consciously making efforts to be more eco-friendly, what are you doing? Living a more sustainable life isn’t as difficult as you may think. While you may think of just recycling and using reusable straws, living sustainably goes way beyond just that. Simple lifestyle changes will make the most significant difference to the environment. While we’re living on this earth, we must take the necessary steps to take care of it. You don’t have to spend tons of money or completely change your lifestyle to be a little more sustainable. Here are some simple ways you can have a more sustainable lifestyle:

Stop using plastic water bottles
Possibly the easiest fix of them all: get a reusable water bottle!!! There’s absolutely no need to continuously use plastic water bottles when all you have to do it get a reusable water bottle and a Brita filter. Plus, drinking water from a reusable water bottle is more fun and will save you money in the long run.

Go thrifting
Thrifting is very in right now, and for a good reason! The fast fashion industry is hugely detrimental to the environment, and thrifting is a simple alternative. The best way to shop sustainably is to buy second-hand clothing. You can find more unique pieces by thrifting, save money, and just have more fun than regular shopping.

Buy reusable kitchenware
Most people have jumped on the reusable straw bandwagon, but it doesn’t stop just there! Invest in reusable utensils, cloth dish towels, reusable Ziploc bags, beeswax wrap, etc. You can find most of this on Amazon or in stores, and it’s such a simple way to live more sustainably.

Shop at a local farmers market
TONS of plastic is wasted at grocery stores, so do your grocery shopping at a local farmers market instead! You don’t have to make it a regular thing. Still, whenever you can, shopping at a farmers market reduces the number of groceries that are shipped in from other parts of the world.

Reduce your food waste
There are tons of ways you can do this. You can compost your food. You can turn leftover vegetable scraps into a stock. You can preserve food with fermenting and pickling. These are just a few out of many ways you can reduce your food waste. About 94% of the food we throw away ends up in landfills, and these simple ways will help reduce that.