Imagine returning tired from work only having to spend hours on your feet cooking a homemade meal. That scenario is best left to imaginations of a horrid storyline. Unfortunately, it’s some people’s reality.

We’re hoping that these six tips will make your time in the kitchen a lot more efficient. That way, you can spend less time doing mundane things and have more time to do what you love!

Be friends with one-pot wonders!

We often spend loads of time in the kitchen because we are trying to cook different meals at one time. To spend less time in the kitchen, you have to be friends with meals that are easy to prepare. Gather recipes that take fewer pots and kitchen appliances to make. If it takes more than three pots to cook, you should be ready to invest the time!

Do the prep before you start cooking

So, you know you have a party of 5 coming over, and you need to make a few dishes. Wash your veggies ahead of time and chop everything that requires chopping. Set all the items aside in the fridge to free up time for other things before you finally get around to cooking. This way, when you are finally ready to heat things, you will be spending way less time than you generally would.

Clean as you go

This is efficient cooking 101! Cleaning as you cook ensures you don’t spend hours after the fact sitting in the kitchen when you could be relaxing. This way, you end up basically with dishes from your meal and nothing else!

Create a cooking plan

You know what they say about planning! Creating a plan helps you map out what you need to do and of course, saves you time. If you’re starting on a new recipe, read it over and create a mental checklist of all the items you’ll need ahead of time. That way, you can prep things step by step. A plan might be: take out all appliances required, then take out necessary portions of ingredients and prep them.

Cook in batches or bulk

Nothing saves you time cooking than doing it in one fell swoop. To protect yourself from a stressful time in the kitchen, cook up then store up!

Keep it simple

Simple meals and a few ingredient dishes are not only healthier, but they save some major cooking time.

Cooking can be fun, especially when we make wholesome meals that keep your family coming back for more. But you want to save as much time as you can while you are at it, so enjoy cooking efficiently with these few hacks!