Snacking when you’re bored is everyone’s biggest fault. When you’re in a house that’s full of food, even when you know you’re not really hungry, it’s hard to not give in to snacking when you’re bored. We all do it, but it’s something that can attribute to weight gain. If you’re genuinely hungry between meals, snacking is a must.

But if you need something to munch on as you’re aimlessly watching Netflix, try to avoid chowing through a whole bag of chips. If you’re a chronic bored, stressed, or upset snacker, here are some tips on how you can beat the urge:

1Limit your snacks on hand

If you’re sitting in a house or room that you know is packed with delicious snacks, it’s hard to resist. Limiting the snacks you have on hand- especially the unhealthy ones- is crucial. If you’re watching a movie and want a little bite to go with it, go for popcorn instead of chips. Limiting the unhealthy snacks that are easily accessible is key to stopping snacking when you’re bored.

2Listen to your body

We can’t stress this one enough- listen to your body! If what you’re experiencing is actual hunger, don’t deprive your brain and body of the nutrients it wants. And if you’re trying to lose a few pounds and can’t decide if what you’re experiencing is genuine hunger or just boredom, drink some water first. Wait a few minutes, and if the hunger persists, that means you’re probably actually hungry and should get yourself a (healthy) snack.

3Get busy

I know no one wants to be told to get up when they’re 5 hours deep into a Netflix series, but getting up and getting active is key to limiting snacking. When you’re bored at home, you’re going to be way more inclined to snack than if you were out.

Not only do you have easy access to snacks, but you’re probably watching TV shows or scrolling through your phone and seeing food around you. Getting busy is a great way to not only limit your snacking but also to get a jumpstart on being productive.