Ready to be a plant mom but not sure if you’re prepared for the responsibility? We get it; house plants can be hard to look after, especially if you’re not used to having one. But they also come with many benefits such as purifying the air, relieving stress, and looking pretty at the same time. Not to worry if you’re not that experienced when it comes to the greenery in your home as we’ve enlisted the easiest house plants to care for.

Known for it’s calming properties and beautiful scent, lavender is perfect for keeping in the home. All it needs is a sunny spot and infrequent watering, making it super easy to take care of. It also adds a lovely pop of color to your surroundings if you’d rather a plant that wasn’t just green.

Aloe Plant
Aloe is excellent as an indoor plant as it doesn’t require much watering. You can even let the soil dry out. Just pop your aloe plant in a warm place with plenty of natural sunlight to watch it grow.

Snake Plant
A snake plant or ‘mother in law’s tongue’ is a super stylish and robust plant that is easy to care for and makes a gorgeous indoor accessory. These plants can tolerate dry air and low heat, so they should even survive during the winter months when you need to put your heating on. This plant is ideal for beginners.

Peace Lilies
Peace Lilies look stunning around the home, and you can choose from either pink, purple, or white to brighten up your room. These plants only need moderate temperatures, low light, and moist soil, meaning they don’t require a lot of attention, watering, or maintenance. They also make a lovely housewarming gift if you’re ever stuck!