Although getting things done gives us a feeling of accomplishment, we often face resistance towards starting our work. This battle against yourself can be hard and painful, but these tips will help you stop procrastinating and get on with your work.

Remind Yourself That the Tasks Aren’t That Painful
We are often delusional when it comes to the tasks we have for the day. We convince ourselves that they are harder than they actually are to postpone them. You need to remind yourself that your tasks aren’t as painful as your brain makes them out to be and convince yourself it is time to start.

Help Yourself Enter the Flow State
Getting started is the hardest part. But once you start working, after a half an hour, you will likely enter the so-called flow state, and your brain will be wholly focused on the given task. Therefore, you will feel more productive. Remember that getting started is the hardest, so tell yourself you will do something for just 15 minutes. Once you start, you will likely continue, as you have removed the resistance that was stopping you.

Change Your Environment
Change of environment can help you focus. If you tend to work in the same place every day, it can get mundane. Introduce change in your life by working in different areas. This will help you to start working as the new environment will be exciting and inspiring.

Time Block Your Day
The best way you can ensure to get stuff done is to plan your day. If traditional planers aren’t your thing, you can use digital calendars to block out your time. Reserve certain hours of your day for certain activities. This will remove the insecurity we face where we aren’t sure which task we should tackle first. And knowing you should be doing a particular task will help you to get to work.

Introduce Milestones
If you are working on a bigger project or have a big goal in mind, what might help you stay motivated is introducing several milestones on the way. Not only will they help you stay on track, but they will also help you evaluate your progress. Just be careful, you need to be realistic with your milestones.