Finding a roommate can be a tough situation. If you’re moving to an area different from all your friends or need to find a roommate in a pinch, finding the right person to live with is not an easy task. We’ve all heard of craigslist roommates, but that’s not always the best way to go about finding someone to live with.

However, it’s 2019, meaning there’s an app for everything- including finding roommates. You’ve heard of dating apps to find your perfect match, and now there are roommate apps to find your ideal roommate. Here are five apps you can use to find a roommate who you’ll want to live with:

When finding a roommate, safety is often the first thing on your mind. Users on Roomi can ask roommates to complete a background check and can communicate through the app first. So you don’t have to give out any personal contact information. Roomi is also available in various cities in the US and Latin America.

Cirtru ensures the safety of its users by offering verification options, such as employment, education, and background checks. Cirtru has verified roommates from over 20,000 companies and colleges.

SpareRoom USA
According to SpareRoom USA, someone finds a roommate on the app every 3 minutes. This app helps roommates find their perfect fit by limiting their options based on roommate preferences. They also have a team of people who check every ad listed on the app to ensure the safety of its users.

Roomster helps you find your roommate match by sorting through similar personality traits. You can also connect your social media accounts, which can help you to decipher if someone is a good match for you. The app is offered in over 190 countries with 18 language options.

Circle is really like the dating app of finding a roommate. Similar to dating apps, you can swipe through potential roommate matches. But the app ensures safety by connecting you only to verified users or people you have the same friends with.