Want to decorate your room but unsure of what you should add? Try bringing some sparkle into your space by decorating with fairy lights! They make a space ultra-cozy, no matter what the decor.

Twinkle Star Copper String Lights
If you are looking for something simple, these fairy lights are perfect. The lights are supported by three copper strings; therefore, there isn’t any prominent wire. There are 8 different lighting modes available, so you can quickly change the mood of your room. They are also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about any accidents.

Twinkle Star Star String Lights
What makes these lights stand out is the fact that they are shaped like stars. They will look adorable both when lit up and when off. The star shape makes these lights look great around the window or placed on the ceiling and great for a kid’s room.

16 Color Changing Fairy Lights
If you are looking for something colorful and basic white string lights don’t fit your room, these are perfect. They come with 16 different color options controlled by remote. The remote also has a timer so you can set the timer to turn off the lights for you. These lights are powered by batteries; therefore, they are a great choice if you don’t have an outlet nearby.

Dailyart Globe String Light
String lights with little spheres at the ends will make your room appear cozy and comfortable. Since the globes are made of translucent plastic, they are more durable and protect the led lights from breaking. They also help create a more muted lights that give the space a warmer appearance.

BlissLights Sky Lite – Laser Projector
How about instead of placing some string lights, you turned your entire room into a night sky? This laser projector will help you achieve just this. This product is excellent for creating a mood and can set an atmosphere. Besides making the room feel tranquil, it can also work amazingly well at parties.

Curtain Lights, Twinkle Lights for Bedroom
If you want the lights to be the statement piece of your room, you should try these curtain lights. These warm white lights come with 8 different modes that help you achieve the mood you are looking for. They are also heat-free, so you can place them next to your curtain without worry.