Are you always finding yourself in a funky mood? A funky mood is just another way of saying bad mood. Would you like to be able to eliminate those bad moods and keep yourself in good vibes? Imagine how awesome that’d be for you and the people around you. The best way to keep yourself in a good mood isn’t some magic pill. It’s the simple practice of gratitude. Don’t write it off. It’s often something as simple as this that people have a hard time doing. Plus, many studies are supporting the link between gratitude and one’s well-being. Here are simple ways to express gratitude:

#1 – Think back to the past on a positive memory and be thankful for elements of childhood or past blessings.


#2 – Think to where you are now and not take for granted the things that you do have.

#3 – Look towards the future and remain optimistic about it.

#4 – Keep a journal. In this journal write down one thing you’re grateful for daily. It can be something as small as tasting something that was delicious or hearing a joke that someone told you.

#5 – Send someone a thank you note. The small things count. People love to feel appreciated.

#6 – Compliment a stranger. Love the shoes someone is wearing? Let the person know.

#7 – Compliment someone who gave you great service. Often times we are quick to let someone know when we’re not happy and complain. If someone is doing a great job and meeting all your needs and more, let them know.

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