When choosing a gift for someone who hates to cook, go for gifts that will make any time spent in the kitchen easy and fast. As a rule of thumb you want to stay away from things that are large and/or complicated. The end goal is to select items that will allow them to cook less and spend as less time in the kitchen as possible.

Here are gifts that will be perfect for people who hate to cook:


Countertop Dishwasher
Not every place comes equipped with a dishwasher and if your friend’s place happens to be one of those kind of places, then they’ll love this gift. The only thing worse than cooking is having to clean up the mess afterwards.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker
Save your friend from having to eat another bowl of cereal or a packaged muffin for breakfast by gifting them a sandwich maker. The Breakfast Sandwich Maker creates a delicious sandwich by stacking and cooking all of your breakfast items together. This is perfect for those mornings when they are rushing out the door for work (or, when they’re rolling out of bed at noon for a snack).

Snoopy Grilled Cheese Maker
Add some character to your grilled cheese sandwich with a Snoopy Cheese Maker. Just slap some bread and cheese on it and the rest will take care of itself.

If your friend orders takeout all the time, this app will allow them to unlock their front door for the delivery guy right from the comfort of their couch.

The Never Soggy Cereal Bowl
This compartmentalized cereal bowl will allow them to enjoy cereal without it ever getting soggy.

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