While traveling might seem glamorous and fun, it’s very exhausting when you’re doing it often. Not only is there constant movement, dragging luggage, dealing with queues and uncomfortable seats, but then the exhaustion of different time zones and insomnia hits in new destinations.

While we may highlight the adventures we have at our new destinations, we typically don’t think of the journey sitting on the plane or going through the airport security to get there. All for good reason- those are the stressful parts!

Once you’ve traveled more than three times in a few months, you’re bound to experience travel burnout and home sickness. However, there are some solid ways to beat this burnout and feel more comfortable on your travel journeys with the following tips.

1. Book an Airbnb or a private home for yourself.
If you’re able, book yourself a private space that doesn’t involve other people or guests disturbing your space or your sleep. Having a space you can utilize as you would a home allows you to feel a lot more comfortable. You don’t want your bedroom to be your living room and about your bathroom. Choose a layout that closely fits your home environment so you can have a seamless transition.

2. Choose healthy food options you can prep yourself.
If you typically prepare your own food at home, try to do a meal prep yourself when you travel. Don’t immediately jump into new cuisine but take your time transitioning into a new eating schedule. Keep things healthy! There are enough stressors on your body.

3. Get into your own routine.
Whether it’s a hobby or watching the latest Netflix shows, just do something you love and get yourself into a comfortable space that has nothing to do with travel. Your challenge is ensuring your mind gets the relaxation it needs, especially in a new space.

4. Rest up.
Take all the time you need to rest, without worrying about what you need to do next. Get a nap, read a book, meditate and ensure you get a good night’s rest, whatever it takes.