Sometimes we all get in the mood to redecorate. It could be because you’re moving or just because you need a change of scenery, but whatever the reason is, decorating a space is both stressful and exciting.

You can bring a vision to life within a room and have complete control over what happens. Depending on what someone’s vibe is, one person’s room can look completely different than another person’s room. If redecorating a space in your house in on your agenda for this summer, here are some suggestions on how you can revamp your place:

Metallic Neutrals
Metallic neutrals are a hit when it comes to home décor. It gives a classic and chic, but modern, look to any space that is just beautiful. Put a nightstand in golden brown in your bedroom and watch the space come together.

Sleek Storage
When it comes to storage, long gone are the days of hiding your things, now it’s in style to display everything- but in a sleek and stylish way. Mason jars, glass jars, and wicker baskets are all the rave and can tie a room together. Plus, that way, you know where everything is located!

Nature is playing a significant role in home décor in 2019. Having plants and natural sunlight is very common, as is having wooden floors and natural colored furniture.

Statement Pieces
Just like with fashion, statement colors are in style this year. Bright colors, especially neon, are very on trend and can look super classy and elegant when it’s done right. Opt for a few statement pieces that will draw attention and make everyone who walks in your room compliment your eye for design.