If there’s someone in your life who’s a total nerd, check this out…

Here are some pretty unique gifts that will be sure to make them go “whoa!” These gifts are so interesting, you’re bound to want to pick one up for yourself.


23 And Me DNA Test Kit
They can find out more about their ancestry and heritage with this DNA population test. They can find out what percentage of their DNA is from what part of the world.

Tiny LED Projector
Get them a 120 inch screen on-the-go with this tiny device that fits in the palm of the hand. At only 2-inches, this portable projector works with a smartphone, laptop or gaming console.

Icon World Travel Shirt
The next time they go traveling abroad they can take this T-shirt with them. It has 40 universal symbols on it that will help them communicate with anybody.

Galaxy Umbrellas
These amazing umbrellas are super cool. With 4 different galaxy designs, they can show off their love for astronomy in the rain!

Respect Chemistry Mug
This is a laboratory style borosilicate glass mug that they can use to show off their love for chemistry with pride!

Motion Activated Bed light
Put this LED light system under the bed and every time they get up the light will pop on.

Floating Bookshelf
Ready to play with magic? These floating book shelves are easy to install and once they put the books on top of them, they disappear.

Hydrophobic Shoe Spray
If they have shoes they want to prevent from getting dirty, or wet, then this shoe spray is perfect. The spray creates a barrier repelling anything from getting and sticking to the shoes.

Cut Resistant Gloves
They never have to worry about cutting themselves again while cooking. These kitchen gloves are made of a material that protects against cuts or tears.

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