Why did two docs (one a surgeon, the other boarded in anesthesiology and internal medicine) start a beauty website?No shocker here: Folks in this country (and across the globe) aren’t making the healthiest choices. Too many people use a bad diagnosis as a wake-up call. They wait until their health (and quality of life) go down the tubes to do something about it, often because they think doing something about it means avoiding fun. That’s as wrong as a three dollar bill.We’re here at YouBeauty because staying healthy can (and should) be fun!In everything we do, whether on television, or in our books, newspaper and magazine columns, it’s our mission to make your healthy choices complete no-brainers. Even so, it’s difficult to sustain these changes.But what if we told you that your healthy choices will make you look and feel beautiful? This has nothing to do with vanity. The desire to be beautiful is programmed into your genes. Your outer beauty is the message you send to others about your health, subconsciously alerting potential mates that you’re healthy enough to raise resilient kids.You see, beauty is health. There is a science of beauty, and YouBeauty brings the best information on the science of beauty to you.YouBeauty arms you with proven tools to measure and improve your inner and outer beauty. We partnered with leading universities and research institutions to bring you validated scales to do just that. In areas where scales do not exist, we’ve created our own based on science. To make sure everything we bring to you is up to the highest scientific standards, we’ve recruited a team of experts made up of the most exciting thinkers in science, beauty and fitness to replace myths with proven facts and measurements.Use the YouBeauty quizzes to learn how to make yourself even more beautiful—yes, more. You’re here because your ancestors mated with the most beautiful partners. Your very existence proves that you’re bursting with beautiful qualities! YouBeauty is going to show you how to expose and maximize those qualities.How? By teaching you how to make smart choices—be it with food that makes you more beautiful and tastes as great as fast food fries (which don’t make you more beautiful—processed foods lead to skin damage, which can cause more wrinkles than a sunburn). Or with exercises to combat stress, or with a daily gratitude routine that makes you happier.You’ll get action steps based on your quiz results. No one-size-fits-all, generic plans here! From there you can join discussions and read articles that we suggest, based on what makes the most sense for you and your goals, whether you want to feel younger, be happier, sleep better or rock a hot, new haircut (or all of the above!).Now, you may not always agree with everything you read here at YouBeauty. In fact, we hope you don’t. Science can spark controversy, and it’s constantly changing. We will frame intelligent conversations around these changes, and we hope you’ll be part of the conversation. So leave a comment, opine in YouTalk, and tell us what you think!The end goal: Achieving your true potential. You’ll be amazed at your results—we promise!