Are you thinking of trying online dating? Or, are you already getting your feet wet in the online dating world? Research is showing more and more people are using online dating, so you’re surely not alone. It’s a wonderful way to explore many caliber of men in a way you probably wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise. But, that convenience doesn’t come without its drawbacks. You can totally be miserable with online dating if you’re attracting all the wrong men online. According to digital matchmaker, Michelle G., there’s a reason women don’t usually get the kind of men they were hoping for when dating online.

Many complain that the men they end up attracting are either:

  • Emotionally unavailable
  • Not very successful
  • Liars
  • Users
  • Only want sex

The main reason you’re not attracting what it is you want isn’t because the men online are no good. It’s because of something very simple – your dating profile. Yes! Your dating profile is what’s attracting each man who comes your way. Everything from the pictures you include to the words you write have the power to drive all the good guys off and bring the bad ones on.

Remember, your dating profile is the first thing people see of you. As the saying goes, your first impression is your last impression. So, do everything you can to make a great first impression.

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