Have you drawn up a list of all the qualities “Mr. Right” should have so that you can check your date’s eligibility to win your heart? Or do you just go with the flow and think you’ll recognize Prince Charming when you meet him? Dating can be so complicated and confusing. Don’t lose sight of the things that are really important in looking for The One. Here are 12 signals that you’ve got a good man. Keep your eyes open to noticing when he is a keeper.

  1. He loves you just the way you are.

True love grows easily in a relationship that’s free of judgment.  You feel comfortable, and you’re not walking on eggshells waiting for his disapproval. There’s a feeling of acceptance that comes when you know you are loved.

  1. You can count on his friendship.

Friendship is a solid foundation for a strong relationship. He’s there when you need him during tough times. His support helps you feel safe.

  1. You trust him.

A man who keeps his word is a man who won’t let you down. you can count on him because he is genuinely trustworthy.

  1. He is fun to be around.

You hang out with him because he’s fun. You have a good time together whether the two of you are out and about partying or just spending quiet time alone. Think twice before you dump a partner who helps you see the brighter side and who lifts your spirits.

  1. You can talk over any problems.

It’s a very good sign when your guy is willing to find a solution to the issues that are bound to come up in any relationship. He’s a keeper if he’s open to discussing the problem and working toward an agreement that makes both of you happy.

  1. You smile when you’re with him.

The ability to make you laugh when life hits the rough spots is powerful. A sense of humor can keep you together for the long haul.

  1. He shows that he listens to you.

He does little things that show how much he cares about you. Did you mention that you’d like some alone time with him? He clears his calendar for an evening in. Have you been wanting to go to the ballet? He shows up with tickets. He’s thoughtful and he hears the little hints you drop.  He takes action to make you feel cherished.

  1. You are inspired by his encouragement.

He wants you to be your best self. He recognizes your better qualities and supports them. You feel good about yourself around him because he recognizes how wonderful you are.

  1. You don’t go stale around him.

You’re constantly learning new things with him. He shares his interests with you, and his enthusiasm opens up new worlds to explore.

  1. He is proud of your success.

He is happy to share your good news with others. He loves to hear about your latest accomplishments. You don’t hear a word of jealousy or competitiveness when you’ve scored a triumph.

  1. You are better off with him in your life.

He’s good for you. This man enhances your life and you feel happier when he’s around. Ask yourself the question, “Are you better off with him or without him?” and you can get a clear signal that he’s the one.

  1. Your friends and family like him.

The people who know and love you best don’t wonder, “What on earth does she see in him?” They recognize what you see—that he is a good man who cares about you and takes pains to show that he cherishes you. They let you know they approve of your choice.