There’s a lot of reasons why couples break up. But at the core of most breakups is just a feeling of unhappiness. It might be mutual, or it might be just one person who feels unhappy in the relationship. Regardless, breakups are a part of life. And although that doesn’t make going through them any less hard, every breakup comes with lessons learned.

If you’re finding yourself feeling uneasy in your relationship and have tried everything to fix it, there comes a time when the only solution is to break up. You shouldn’t keep yourself unhappy for the sake of your partner. Here are five signs that indicate it might be time to end your relationship:

You miss being single
If all you want is to be alone, go out with your friends, and have that sense of complete freedom… it might be time to reevaluate your relationship. If you find yourself feeling envious of your single friends and jealous of their freedom, that means you miss being single. And that’s perfectly okay! It’s just important to communicate those feelings with your partner, so a breakup does not completely blindside them.

You don’t feel attracted to them anymore
The physical and sexual attraction is an important part of every relationship. While it’s important to feel connected emotionally, it’s equally important to feel connected physically. And if you’re finding yourself not feeling that attraction any longer, that is a definite sign it might be time to take a break or end things.

You keep fighting about the same things
It’s perfectly normal to argue with your significant other. Fighting in a relationship is healthy and helps form stronger bonds. However, when those fights become more frequent and focus on the same topics, that is when it becomes a problem. And when you realize that the fighting is getting too tiring and a compromise just isn’t likely to happen, it’s time to reevaluate the relationship.

You’re on different paths in life
You don’t want to date someone that is entirely like you… but you don’t want to date someone that is completely unlike you, either. It’s important to grow individually in a relationship, along with growing together a couple. And while you grow as individuals, you might find that you and your partner are on different life paths. There’s nothing wrong with realizing you need to end things because you and your partner are progressing at different paces.

You can’t let go of the past
If you’re finding yourself clinging on to past arguments and conflicts, that is a clear indication that you are no longer happy in your relationship. Being in a relationship is about growing and changing, which means letting go of the past. But if that is difficult for you to do, it also stops you from growing to your full potential and suggests it might be time to end things.