We all want to put our best face forward at work. This means both looking put-together with our clothing choice and skincare regimen, but also kicking butt doing our jobs. Here are five tips for you to shine bright at the office so you’re always the first one your boss looks to when she needs a bright idea.

1. Be Someone That Others Want To Work Alongside: Most of us spend more time with our co-workers than we do with our family or friends. So be courteous to the people with whom you spend the majority of your day around! Do you notice co-workers roll their eyes and pop in ear buds while you’re complaining about accounts payable? Have you been the subject of more than one passive-aggressive sticky note put on the office fridge? Be someone who isn’t just great at her job, but also great to work with. When it comes to career advancement, decision-makers look not just for the woman with bright ideas, but one who is well-liked and respected.

2. Put Your Best Face Forward: You may have spent all night working on that presentation, but your face doesn’t need to show it when you’re presenting to the boss. You can shine bright with StriVectin’s Intensive Illuminating Serum, which brightens and clarifies skin for a smoother complexion. Just as importantly, always comport yourself with professionalism. It shows that you care about the image you project to others, as well as the image you project of your company.

3. Be A Problem Solver, Not a Problem Creator (or Ignore-er): Kicking butt at work is about more than just accomplishing the rote aspects of your job. Success is also about taking the initiative to solve problems. Don’t sit back and say “that’s not part of my job” when someone needs help. We are all interdependent in the workplace, so it pays to be useful when others need your bright ideas.

4. Take a Deep Breath, Then Take Another Deep Breath: There’s no way around it — sometimes, work will be frustrating. Always take a breath (or seven) and respond calmly when you’ve had time to process your thoughts, rather than reacting in the moment. As tempting as it may be to bang your fist on the fax machine when it breaks down (again), you won’t be shining bright if you acquire the reputation of office hothead.

5. Take Your Cues From the Boss: Workplaces vary wildly these days: some are guided by strict HR rules, while others are so casual you may think you’re on an episode of “Parks & Recreation.” How are you supposed to know how you should behave? Here’s the secret: Take your cues from the boss. If she’s not leaving at 4:30 p.m. on a Friday, then you shouldn’t either. If she’s not taking cell phone calls at her desk, then you can forget about doing that. Dress as nicely as she does; take a coffee break no longer then her. And most definitely don’t do something potentially annoying — like bring your pooch to the office — without running it by her first. She reflects her values and beliefs in the way that she behaves — and mirroring them is a bright idea.

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