Dating apps are unavoidable these days. They offer you a way to easily meet new people with similar interests. However, even though setting up an online dating profile can be challenging. You want to represent yourself in the best light. These 6 steps will help you to spice up your profile and make it appealing.

Choose the Right Photos
Choosing good photos for a dating profile is extremely important, as that is what people are going to see first. You want to select the photos that portray you in the best light and tell a story about who you are. For the first photo, choose your favorite photo of yourself, but avoid photoshop. When it comes to other photos, pick pictures of you in your favorite places or favorite moments.

List Your Top Traits
When it comes to dating apps, you need to present yourself in as little words as possible. Your bio can’t be too long. Otherwise, people will get bored. List your top traits and interests in your bio in the order of relevance. Make sure to pick something interesting about you that helps you stand out.

Check Your Grammar
Finding a grammar mistake on someone’s profile can be a huge turnoff. You don’t want to miss the potential partner because of a spelling mistake. Make sure to proofread everything.

Be Honest
Online dating offers you room to cover up some facts about you. However, you shouldn’t do this as it will be harmful in the long run. Instead, aim to be as truthful as possible from your bio, to what you are looking for in a relationship. Being honest will also prevent you from getting into the wrong relationships.

Be Easy to Contact
Starting a conversation with a new person can sometimes be awkward. You can help avoid this phase by giving people something they can ask you to break the ice. Writing sentences like “The best movie of all time is HP, change my mind.” or “I bet you can’t beat me at chess” will offer the other person something to talk about.

Don’t Aim to Look Like Others
You don’t want your profile to look like the average profile on the app. Instead of looking at others and comparing yourself, you should aim for your profile to represent who you are. Try thinking outside the box and adding a few unexpected elements that can draw attention.