If you’re in a relationship for the long haul, you’re bound to go through some dark times. Some may even be a little darker than others. Take a look at the current situation with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West. As he wades through this difficult time, Kim is by his side to support him. But, this isn’t unusual at all.

Sometimes the other person in a relationship can be extremely depressed, paranoid, or experiencing a streak of bad luck. Here are some ways to support your partner when they are experiencing a hard time.

Remind Them That Bad Times End
Nothing lasts forever, not even the hard times so help your partner keep their head up. Do your best be patient, gentle and understanding with yourself and your partner. This won’t be a quick fix.

Remind Them That They’ve Overcome Challenges Before
Gently remind the person that they’ve overcome things in the past. Whether directly related to what they are experiencing or not, they have what it takes to get through. This is a great way to remind them that they can handle challenges.

Remind Them Of What They Can Be Grateful For
Sometimes the things that are going wrong are so loud that they forget all the great things that are happening. When you can, remind them of the great things going on (in a casual way). Be careful not to shove this down their throat, otherwise they may get annoyed and build up a defense against it.

Show Them That They Are Appreciated
Sometimes, we don’t realize just how much others appreciate us. Your partner may feel the same way. Do something to show them that they are valued.

Be Playful
Never underestimate the power of a good laugh. Do things that are fun to help make your partner feel better. This isn’t going to be a one time thing. Depending on how far down they feel, you may have to keep at this and remember to be patient.

Sex Them Up
You’ll be surprised at how much sex can help relieve tension in situations. Break up the routine, seduce him, wow him. Create a moment for him where he can really release stress.

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