This is the story of one boyfriend who created the perfect proposal of marriage. His bid was meaningful because he focused on details in their unique courtship that were especially significant to his true love. The pair shared an intimate joke that they would delay a wedding until their ducks were in a row. So he lined up 10 inflatable ducks in a line. Walking with his girlfriend to each one, he related a memory of their romance. The walk ended when he fell to one knee.

His proposal wasn’t public or hugely expensive. He didn’t rent a jumbotron at their homecoming football game to proclaim his love. But he was super creative, and the moment spoke volumes to her. These are the elements that smart boyfriends should keep in mind when they think about proposing on Valentine’s Day.

Proposers shouldn’t rely on spending a lot of money to make their bid significant. Fireworks, fine wine and out-of-season exotic flowers may not mean as much as reminiscing about a special shared moment. Did you dance on the beach at sunrise to a tune that became your song? Did you both realize you’d found The One laughing at the wrong moments during a bad movie? Was your first date on the third Wednesday of the month? Then incorporate those great memories in the proposal. Take her to the beach and play the song or stream the same bad movie or plan a date for third Wednesday of the month.

The thoughtful plan will speak much more directly to her heart than the most expensive candlelit dinner in a super fancy restaurant that’s offering a discount on Valentine’s Day. Statistics say that Valentine’s Day is a favorite of proposers. But if the date is not particularly significant in your courtship, you may want to pick another. Anniversaries of first dates, first kisses, or first getaways can mean more when starting a memorable engagement.

That doesn’t mean you have to rule out a lovely dinner at your favorite shared restaurant. You probably, however, want to rethink the movie cliché of hiding a diamond ring in the chocolate soufflé. The same goes for rose petals, candles and other romantic décor. Think of a location that’s special. Could any proposal be more romantic than the example of Prince Harry, who sprang the question on Meghan Markle as they roasted a chicken during a cozy evening at home?

You may want to skip using the proposal plan that’s trending all over Snapchat. If hiking the trails of Colorado played a part in your vacations, pulling out a ring on top of a mountain and snapping a selfie of the two of you with mountains in the background may seem like a natural extension of your courtship. But if you never made it off the couch at the ski resort, take the picture by the lodge fireplace. Make the proposal a genuine reflection of your special moments together instead of a contrived post.

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