The Best of YouBeauty in 2013

Every day, we aim to bring you the most interesting stories about beauty, health and science. So when you respond by sharing our thoughts with your friends, it means the world to us! Here’s a look back at the topics that made you pin, like and tweet your faces off in 2013.

1Most-Pinned: Chiseled Arms

When we asked a personal trainer to break down the best ways to tone our arms, her tips lit up our Pinterest boards for more than three months straight.

2Most Shared on Facebook: DIY Papaya Mask

This summer, you couldn’t wait to tell your friends about this easy-as-heck brightening mask that requires just three ingredients and about 20 minutes.

3Most-Tweeted: The Minimum Workout

Who doesn’t love a sweet life hack? When we posted these tips about the least you can do to get the most out of your workout, you went right to the Twitterverse with it. (Hey, we get it—you’re busy!)

4Most Popular Email: Messy Buns

One of the biggest hair trends of the year ended up being the topic of our most-read-and-shared newsletter. Click here to find out how to pull off a messy bun without looking like a mess.

5Most Action on Buzzfeed: Comfy Heels

Our story “5 Things You Didn’t Know About High Heels” made the Buzzfeed community buzz (and it didn’t even have any animated GIFs!). Did you know we’re a Buzzfeed partner, btw?

6Most-Visited: Booty Workouts

In what was arguably our most viral story of the year, this gallery about booty-shaping workouts according to butt type was not only red hot on Pinterest, it was responsible for a lot of our referral traffic over the last 12 months.

7Most +1’d on Google Plus: Beyoncé’s Pixie

2013 was Queen Bey’s year (remember her killer Superbowl performance?) so when she posted a photo of her new ‘do in August, it climbed up the ranks of trending Google searches. So much so that our Google+ following shared the heck out of our coverage!