According to Beyoncé’s Instagram, Blue Ivy is either getting new sibling … or a sand castle. Bey has addressed those ever-present pregancy rumors with an Instagram that shows her, buried in sand, with a pregnant belly. The photo has no caption.A few questions here: Is Beyoncé actually pregnant or just messing with us? And also: Queen B relaxed on the beach long enough to get herself buried and meticulously SCULPTED in sand?This vague announcement is especially surprising considering she announced her first pregnancy during a performance of “Love On Top” at the 2011 VMAs. Even if the method is a little chill, the entire world (except maybe Solange) would be pretty excited to see another Jay-Z/Beyoncé collab.Related Articles:Beyoncé’s 7 Hottest Hair & Makeup Looks of 2014You Can Take a Class on Beyoncé at Wake Forest University