Hungry for gastronomic gratification? Check. Adventures in baby-raising? Check. And splashy makeovers? Check.With this fall’s crop of shows, there’s something to satiate every aspect of your personality. Our favorite series help you feel better, look better, date better or just let off some post-work steam.Now, while we decidedly don’t recommend parking yourself in front of the boobtube all evening (since we all know that’ bad for us!), watching shows you love can boost mood, strengthen self-esteem and exercise your emotional intelligence.MORE: Forming “Relationships” with TV Characters is Good For YouThe healthy way to watch? Pick a favorite show and unwind for an hour. Here’s the prettiest in show this autumn.The ChewHere’s a delectable concept: five foodies dishing live, five days a week, about cooking, entertaining and eating out. That’s what you get from health-and-wellness pro Daphne Oz, who pens her Beauty Chew column for YouBeauty, as well as restaurateur extraordinaire Mario Batali, Top Chef star Carla Hall, saucy sartorial expert Clinton Kelly and James Beard Foundation Award-winning culinary guru Michael Symon.Watch it on: ABC, premiering on Sept. 26.Ask Dr. BrandtNo, those unlined foreheads and glowing visages aren’t courtesy of Mother Nature. When Hollywood’s most fabulous want to look fresher, younger, smoother, they hit up Dr. Brandt. Now, the go-to celebrity fountain of youth shares his expertise on Botox, fillers, laser treatments and other skintastic issues with listeners.Hear it on: On Sirius RadioNew GirlTV is rife with cookie-cutter stars whose names, and faces, have no staying power. And then there’s slightly nutty, endearingly goofy yet totally foxy Zooey Deschanel, who moves in with a group of guys after a disastrous romantic encounter and shows that there’s no better remedy for heartbreak than just being true to yourself. And what’s sexier than that? Watch it on: FoxUp All NightParenthood is a crapshoot, in both the literal and figurative sense. For every giddy grin from your offspring, there’s a blown-out diaper and vomit down your shirt—an hour before a major sales meeting. And no actress captures the gory glories of motherhood better than brilliantly authentic comedienne Christina Applegate, a working mom who’s raunchy, rebellious and heartbreakingly tender.Watch it on: NBCRESEARCH: Why You Shouldn’t Watch Too Much TVPan AmYes, decades before a fuming Steven Slater made headlines for storming off a JetBlue plane, flying used to be a rarefied, dignified endeavor. The pristine uniforms. The immaculately coiffed crew. And the hushed excitement of hurtling silently through the clouds. And no show captures the glory days of air travel better than Pan Am, a heady, ravishingly retro blend of style and romance.Watch it on: ABCFashion HuntersTimes are tough, money is tight and everyone’s out for a bargain. Enter the Second Time Around thrift store, whose owners wade through the closets of Manhattan’s glitterati in search of lustful labels and prove that every sock—or in this case, Chanel suit—has a (soul)mate.Watch it on: Bravo, premiering Oct. 4The Rosie ShowYou want politically correct and proper? Look elsewhere. We’d rather have Rosie O’Donnell TV’s outspoken, uncensored, scrappy and always eyebrow-raising voice of reason, first during her short-lived stint on “The View” and now, on her own show. And it’s safe to say that she’s totally original, in looks, demeanor and attitude—a refreshing case of authenticity winning out.Watch it on: OWN, premiering on Oct. 10QUIZ: What’s Your Relationship Style?Glam FairyIt’s Jersey “Pore.” Alexa Prisco, the splashy glamazon from Jerseylicious, gets her own series, making over clients in her own inimitable style. Prisco, an airbrush makeup artist, and her team help brides, moms and single ladies go from dull to, well, her version of dazzling. It’s empowering. It’s sweet. And it’s just Jersey.Watch it on: Style Network, premiering Oct. 23I Do OverFor some starry-eyed and very focused brides, there’s no more heart-wrenching debacle than a ruined wedding. Enter Diann Valentine, who has helmed the over-the-top nuptials of Usher and Toni Braxton. And now, she’s helping brides whose big days went awry in this sweet reality show.Watch it on: WE, premiering Nov. 20Why Am I Still Single?You’ve got the apartment with killer views of Central Park. A closet with two dozen pairs of Lanvins and Louboutins. And a cute white dog. The only thing missing: a partner. Now, love doctor Siggy Flicker helps Manhattan’s singles figure out what they’re doing wrong. Sure, it’s superficial. Yes, it’s glib. But if it helps someone find their better half, it’s always worth a second kiss.Watch it on: VH1, premiering Oct. 16Charlie’s AngelsHere’s to you, Mrs. Fallon. Dynamic producer Nancy Juvonen, who runs Flower Films with partner Drew Barrymore (and is the the funny-man’s better half) is behind this reinvented show about three telegenic, buff lady detectives. Whether or not it sticks remains to be seen, but Juvonen deserves kudos for bringing this turbo-charged female-centric show to the small screen and showing girls that toughness is tantalizing.Watch it on: ABC, premiering on Sept. 22In related news, check out the 10 unhealthiest shows on TV.